Repairing Issues With Your Garage Door Opener's Torsion Spring

A torsion spring is a critical part of your garage door system. However, you might not be very informed about the role that this spring will play when it comes to the functionality of your garage door. As a result, you may not know what to expect when there is a problem with the torsion spring.

Damage To The Torsion Spring Of Your Garage Door Can Be An Emergency Situation

If the torsion spring of your garage door starts to encounter problems, you should treat the situation as an emergency. While this may seem drastic, the torsion spring is under tremendous strain. If it is starting to weaken or fray, then this means that it could be at a much greater risk of experiencing a sudden failure. Unfortunately, a torsion spring that snaps can cause immense damage to the surrounding space by essentially sending small fragments at extremely high velocities.

Torsion Spring Failures Can Be An Inevitable Problem For Most Garage Door Systems

Unfortunately, torsion springs can be a common problem that most garage door systems will eventually encounter. As a result, a homeowner should have their system's torsion spring professionally evaluated every couple of years. This can alert them to developing problems with the spring so that it can be replaced before it fails. One option to help extend the life of the torsion spring can be to keep it properly lubricated. The lubrication can reduce the amount of friction that occurs with the spring when the door is being used. However, it can also act as a protective barrier against moisture so that corrosion is less likely to form.

The Garage Door Opener Should Be Thoroughly Inspected After It Encounters Torsion Spring Problems

In the event that your garage door suffers torsion spring problems, the entire opener may benefit from a thorough inspection. This is advisable even when the torsion spring may not have snapped and potentially caused secondary damage to the opener. When this spring fails, it can put additional strain on the opener, which can lead to damage and excessive wear development. A thorough inspection can determine whether other components have been compromised by the excessive strain and allow for the needed repairs to be completed. Without this inspection, you may find that the garage door opener is far more likely to suffer additional failures shortly after the damaged torsion spring has been replaced. Luckily, this type of inspection can be easily completed by a garage door repair technician.

To learn more about torsion springs and garage door repairs, contact a professional garage door technician in your area.