Finding Hardware To Fit The Age Of Your 1920's Home: Pieces To Consider

What uses a smattering of 1920's Art Deco, Art Noveau, and some classic contemporary styling? Some of the hardware offered by companies like Emtek American Designer Hardware, that is who. If you are looking for reproduction hardware for your home that matches the year or decade in which it was built, get a gander of some of the products offered by these companies. 

Door Knobs

Door knobs of this era were often round, and made to fit one's palm perfectly. They may have a slightly raised ring or rope ring decoration around the top edge. More ornate door knobs were designed to look like daisy spirals, or a similar "bloom" pattern. If you have an existing door handles original to the house, take your cue from those handles and buy similar reproduction handles. Since people building homes in the roaring twenties often bought door handles in bulk to use in a home, it would have been unusual to have a series of different handles attached to every door. A more uniform and universal approach to this type of hardware was typical of the period. 

Cabinet Knobs

The most popular cabinet knobs of the era were mushroom-shaped. They may be swirled on top or just cone-shaped with a smooth surface. Very square and angular knobs were also popular, but were used later on in the decade. Depending on the age of your home, you may choose one shape/design over the other. 

Bar-Style Drawer Pulls

Drawer pulls were almost always very ornate, but simple. An ornate decoration ran the length of the front of each bar pull, but the rest of the pull was very plain. Brass was very popular in the day, as it created the look of elegance most homeowners in the 1920's were trying to achieve. More modern styling has pulls from this collection in silvery chrome and oil-rubbed bronze, which may also look suitable in an older home. 

A Word on Cantilever Handles

Cantilever handles would not have been an option during the decade in which your home was built. Understandably, if you have a preference for such handles, you might want to purchase and install these instead. That is why these companies try to make cantilever handles that look similar to the designs and styles of the day, but they are not authentic to the period. If you want as much authenticity as possible in the hardware reproductions you choose, the cantilever handles are not for you. Go with the other options above.