How To Fix Damaged Garage Door Panels

The great thing about paneled overhead garage doors is that you can replace damaged panels. Usually, if the damage is not too severe, you can do the work on your own. This article explains how to order and replace garage panels. It will help you figure out if you will be able to do the repair your door on your own.

Is Your Panel Replaceable?

First, you need to examine your damaged panel to see the extent of the damage. Most importantly, you need to check if the frame it also bent. Most garages will have aluminum panels. If the panel is severely bent, you should not try to replace the panel. If you do, the frame will collapse once the panel is removed. The frame should definitely be replaced or repaired by a professional. In most cases, if there is a hole or cosmetic damage to a panel, but the frame is in good condition, you should be able to handle the project. Of course, the job is easier on small panels, but most aluminum, wood, and vinyl panels are quite thin so they are not too heavy. With a helper or two, you will be able to complete the project quite quickly.

Order Your Replacement Panel

You should always order your replacement panel and have it delivered to your home. Take it out of the box to make sure it is the right size and color before you remove the damaged panel. If you have wooden panels, it is better to repaint or stain it before you attach it.

Remove and Replace the Panel

The removal of your existing panel will take 2 people. One person will need to be inside the garage removing the screws while the other is outside, holding the panel. You need to be careful when you remove the screws one end of the garage because that side of the panel could fall out. If this happens, it could warp the frame and even damage the surrounding panels. Be similarly careful when attaching the new panel. The panel should pop into place and sit within the frame easily once a couple of bolts on each end are attached. Make sure you firmly secure the bolts with a power drill. Hand tightening them is not enough.

This job is actually quite simple, even though the panels can be long and awkward to handle. Don't be afraid to try and replace your panels on your own. Do reach out to a residential garage door repair company if you feel out of your depth though.