Choosing The Perfect Materials For Your New And Improved Windows

The list of benefits of replacing your windows is endless. If you're looking for an upgrade just for looks or to raise the value of your home, windows are a great place to start. They also cut down on utility bills because of their improved airtight seal over older windows. But if you're installing your new window yourself, you probably are wondering where to start. The most important step to installing a new window is choosing the right materials. Here you will find the different types of materials available and their pros and cons.

  • Aluminum: These frames are low cost and low maintenance, but they are also durable. The only downside is that they conduct heat easily and are prone to condensation, so don't choose aluminum if you live in a cold climate. And if you do decide to go with aluminum, make sure you choose one with a strip of plastic or rubber between the inside and outside of the frame to limit heat conductivity.
  • Fiberglass: This option is strong, maintenance-free, and energy efficient. And to top it off, it's also pretty affordable, more expensive than vinyl but cheaper than wood. When you're shopping for fiberglass frames, just be sure to choose one that has a uniform color and heat-welded joints. This will help ensure you have a good quality fiberglass frame.
  • Vinyl: This type of frame is your most affordable option and very energy efficient. The colors they are available in are limited, but you never have to repaint, so maintenance is a breeze. The same rule goes for vinyl as does fiberglass. Find one with a uniform color and heat-welded joints.
  • Wood: Wooden frames are strong, beautiful and fairly energy efficient. The only downside other than the obviously higher price is maintenance. They have to be painted or stained regularly to keep them protected from the weather and to keep them looking good. When you are shopping, be sure to find a frame with tight-fitting corners and no blemishes.

When choosing the right material for your window, sit down and decide what the most important aspect of a new window is to you. Is it price? If you're on a tight budget, you may want to go with vinyl. Is it style? If this is the case, wood is definitely your best option. Is it energy efficiency? If so then avoid aluminum and lean more towards vinyl or fiberglass.

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