4 Signs You May Need Automatic Door Installation And Repair

Automatic doors are a convenient option for most homes and business due to how straightforward they are to operate. However, just as other appliances, these doors may encounter a snag due to one reason or another. Depending on how severe the problem is you may have to consider automatic door installation and repair. Here are some of the signs to look out for:

Automatic doors that jam halfway

If you notice that your automatic doors either stop moving before they are fully open or fully closed, then you may have to call in the technicians. When this occurs, it is typically due to an obstruction on the tracks of the doors. If debris is allowed to build up over time, the rollers will not be able to smoothly glide over the tracks.

Excessive dirt or forcefully trying to make the doors move may damage the tracks and this will require repair. You may also find your automatic doors jamming halfway due to objects in their path as some of them come with a reverse mechanism that prevents them from crushing anything that may be in their direct path.

Automatic doors that are difficult to operate

If your doors are not gliding open and shut smoothly, chances are the underlying problem is with the pulley system. Several issues could crop up from the pulley system and affect the operating of the doors. These problems include faulty cables in the system, tracks that were bent during installation or general wear and tear of the pulleys. In this instance, repair of the doors would suffice, as the technicians will only have to fix the pulley system to enable the door to glide open and shut.

Automatic doors that neither open nor close

If your doors were not budging at all, then a bigger underlying issue would need automatic door installation afresh. Generally, when the doors will not move, it signifies a problem with the main drive gear of the system. If the plastic gear is not making the right contact with the worm drive gear, then the motor system of the doors will fail. If the gear system is not working, you will have to enlist the services of professionals to install new automatic doors.

Doors that will not close once open

If you are trying to close the doors and they are not responding, chances are they are experiencing a sensor malfunction. This occurs when commands are not being transmitted appropriately and could lead to bigger issues such as a malfunction of the entire circuit board. Depending on the severity of the damage, a professional would advise you on whether repair or installation would be best.

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